The Next Steps

Alpha Wave is officially done and while we spent a lot more time on it than we had originally planned to, we wanted to ensure that our first game really reflected the type of quality we want to project in our games and it has paid off. The bigger doors are starting to open now and there will be some exciting partnerships to tell you about in the near future! We will however still keep updating Alpha Wave to fix any bugs that may arise.

So what’s next then?

We have started looking into using the open source GamePlay3D engine ( which will allow us to expand the quality of our games to include better physics,  eye bleeding special effects, character animation and far quicker development cycles. Once we integrate our Halogen game engine with GamePlay’s render engine and implement a few other tweaks to get it to our liking, we are going to start prototyping the next TWO games.

That’s right. TWO!

One will be an evolution to Alpha Wave (as opposed to a sequel) and the other will be a cool arcade/puzzle game that is unlike anything out there right now. Once we prototype and play test a little, we’ll have a better idea as to whether or not these games will be worthwhile for us to make and for you to play. We will then start pushing out some screen shots! 🙂

Stay tuned!