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Hey there Amazon gamers! We are proud to announce the arrival of our second game, metaBall, onto the Amazon eco-system with full support for Game Circle! Head on over to the app store and load up! This game plays exceptionally well on the Fire TV 2 too! Just sayin’.





We are delighted to announce that you can now wave up on your big screen TV with the arrival of Alpha Wave on Android TV. If you own an Nexus Player, you can even use the remote to play with one hand! This update also ushers in an x86 Android version of the game which yields an even better gaming experience on systems that use Intel CPU’s like the Nexus Player.


Just in time for the start of the holidays, we are happy to announce that Alpha Wave has finally made it onto the little console that could! Ouya is the perfect little platform for our humble little shooter! Enjoy!

Find it via the Ouya launcher or queue it for download now!

Yes… we did. Just now. See look up there at the title!

I guess what we are trying to say is that Amazon gamers can now start seeing just who the king or queen of Alpha Wave will be with full global leader board support powered by Amazon’s Game Circle service. You will also have 24 achievements to unlock as well. This update to Alpha Wave on Amazon App Store will also include the latest update features mentioned earlier, so there is that too! Win win!

We hope to see some ridiculously high scores up there in the near future!! WAVE UP!!

Get it now at the Amazon App Store!