Latest Alpha Wave Update

We don’t stop with the updates to keep our game fresh! First off, we noticed that a lot of people are loving the game BUT not many are actually able to finish any of the levels, even on easy difficulty, so we went back and tweaked the weapons to make them more powerful and we also smoothed out gameplay in various parts of the levels to even things up.

Along with those important gameplay tweaks, we’ve also noticeably improved rendering performance which is never a bad thing and updated some special effects to be more… special!

Also included in this update is restart button in the in-game pause menu so you don’t have to cycle all the way back to the main menu just to restart a level which a lot of people asked for and finally, when you enter in your name for the high score, the game remembers this name so you don’t have to enter it again which is another feature that was asked for numerous times!

Roll out is complete to the Google Play App store and will be showing up on the Nook and Amazon app stores soon. Apple and Windows Phone 8 will be updated in the coming week!