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Our games make perfect timekillers for that morning commute or mid-afternoon coffee break. We hate micro-transactions and pay to win so all our titles are a single small purchase and are then yours forever.


In The Beginning Was The Ball

Q*Bert meets Marble Madness in a Tron Universe. A melding of the classic ball rolling arcade games and puzzle genres, paired with vivid eye candy,and deeply chilled beats. Read More

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Alpha Wave

Intense. Survival. Action.

A fast paced arcade space shooter influenced by all time classics like AstroSmash, Space Invaders and Galaxian. Quick, fun bursts of action perfectly tailored for a nice 10-15 minute break all for much less than a high society coffee! Read More

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Hardline Studios is one man, part time development studio located in Canada's beautiful capital of Ottawa. I do everything except artwork which is funneled out to someone who is far better suited for such things. I grew up in the 80's when arcades were the place to play games and that influence has always stayed with me and is reflected in my games.

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Feel free to drop me a line just keep well in mind I'm not hiring!