Hey there Amazon gamers! We are proud to announce the arrival of our second game, metaBall, onto the Amazon eco-system with full support for Game Circle! Head on over to the app store and load up! This game plays exceptionally well on the Fire TV 2 too! Just sayin’.





We are happy to announce that metaBall is going live on May 31st, 2016 which is less than a week away! Android users on Google Play (phone, tablet and Android TV) will get it first followed closed by Amazon gamers (kindle and Fire TV). The PC version will follow sometime in June and will also mark our first ever PC game release which is exciting! iOS and OSX versions will follow soon after.

Keep an eye here for further updates!



As we get close to the finish line, I thought I’d share some shots of metaBall in action with some intense glow and environmental effects enabled.


Sorry about the lull in updates, we’ve been hard at work on metaBall and it’s almost done!! We just wanted to show you how far we’ve come since we had the first prototype rolling a year ago and NOW!


We are working hard on metaBall and it’s really coming along nicely! We are aiming for a mid-June release and so we will be more than likely pursue a Kick Starter campaign in order to raise some funds to complete this little game of ours so keep an eye out for that. In the mean time, check out the progress!





After spending much time bringing Alpha Wave to as many mobile platforms as we could along with all the many tweaks and updates, the time had come to start our next game which we did quite a few months ago. We wanted to wait until we really solidified just what this game was and what it would look like before we revealed it to you all.

The wait is over. Today we are pleased to finally give you all the first peak at our next game – metaBall! This is a new twist on the ball rolling genre that is best described as “Marble Madness meets Q*Bert in a Tron universe!”.

You must navigate your ball from the start point to the end point all the while flipping as many tiles as you can from one state to another and doing so in a certain amount of time. There will be things to collect, obstacles to avoid and tricky areas to maneuver through. Perhaps even some enemies or turrets thrown in for good measure. We aren’t sure yet. We want to produce a nice collection of levels each of which are playable in 60 seconds or less so that you can literally pick up your device and have “a quick game”!

metaBall is still in the pre-alpha stage but progress is moving quite nicely and we are aiming for a “sometime around spring” as a release date. We’ll firm this up as time goes on. We are also exploring various ways to fund the rest of production which may include corporate funding or a kickstarter campaign. More on that in due time.

In the mean time…. screen caps to massage your senses!